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Map of Whistler

To Whistler from Vancouver International Airport

  1. Exit Parking lot.
  2. Follow signs for Vancouver City Center
  3. Proceed over Arthur Laing Bridge – remain in right lane
  4. Exit "Granville Street" (direction North – towardsmountains)
  5. Follow on Granville Street 20-30 minutes
  6. Proceed over the Granville Street Bridge – remain in farthestright lane on bridge
  7. Exit "Seymour Street"
  8. Turn left onto Georgia Street (direction West) (approx 8th trafficlight)
  9. Follow signs 99 North Whistler – Lions Gate Bridge
  10. Proceed over the Lions Gate Bridge, exit "West Vancouver" (turnsinto Marine Drive)
  11. Follow Marine Drive to Taylor Way (1st traffic light) - turn right
  12. Continue along Taylor Way in middle or left lane
  13. Exit left following signs for 99 North Whistler
  14. Follow Highway 99 North to Whistler (approximately 2 hours)
  15. Call check-in numbers

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